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Food Truck Financing

Your food truck business is only as good as the truck you build it on.


We can build your truck for as little as $25,000. However, cheaper trucks are more prone to break-downs and major mechanical failures. The cost of building the kitchen is the same whether or not we spend $5,000 on your vehicle base or $50,000. The only question is, how long will it stay reliable?

As with anything else, you get what you pay for. 

I spend a lot of time looking at used step-vans, and older models can be very, very great food trucks, even with high mileage. Every truck is inspected by me personally before it is acquired and built into your business machine. 

You either pay for the truck on the front end, or on the back end. 

To save yourself the headache of unexpected mechanical failures, we suggest a minimum financing package of $60, 000 to fund your truck build, your licenses and permitting, as well as any other incidentals that may be required for you to be successful in the industry.


$60k operational capital is the minimum you will need to make this business work for you.  

We have options for funding where you can qualify with:

  • Your personal credit score

  • Business revenue

  • Time in business

  • Real estate

  • Your 401k or IRA


You can qualify for funding if you can answer yes to ONE of the following questions. 

  • Is your credit score at least 680 on all 3 bureaus? (You can also use a co-signer)

  • Does your business make at least $35,000 a year?

  • Do you have real estate with equity you would like to use as collateral?

  • Have you been in business at least 5 years?

  • Do you have a 401k or IRA with a PREVIOUS employer?

We also have food truck financing options for established business owners. 


  • Terms go up to 72 months

  • Rates are determined by credit score starting at 5.99%

For all established businesses if you don’t have a FICO score over 650 then you will need to show bank statements averaging 1x the cost of the food truck. 

You can apply now or schedule a consultation with the links below!